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The sheltered housing complex of Mytholm Meadows is being built
In the valley Hebden Bridge Parish Church of St James the Great, out of the town centre at Mytholm, and above Heptonstall Church of St Thomas the Apostle.
The church of St Thomas the Apostle was consecrated on 26th October 1854. This pinnacle from the south west corner of the tower was struck down by lightening 5th April 1875.
Looking over to Heptonstall Road with Heptonstall Church on the skyline. Early 20th century prior to building of Riverside School in 1909.
Viewed from Keighley Road over the north light roof of Hebden Works, now partly demolished. To the right above the north lights is part of Hangingroyd Mill with another part across the river to its left, now the site of Waterside Fold. To the right…
Viewed from Horsehold Road. Part of the Hebden Bridge Local History Society Archive
Mytholm Hall is centre picture with St James Church behind and the long demolished Bankfoot Mill to its right. Heptonstall Church at the top of the picture. The hall was demolished in 1969 to make way for accommodation for the elderly. Part of the…
Heptonstall has two churches within one graveyard. Although not unique, there is another instance at Alvingham in Lincolnshire, this is unusual. At the centre of the village are the ruins of the Church of St Thomas à Becket built between 1256 and…
As the tourist will plainly perceive a new church has been built, at a cost of £6666, and was consecrated October 26, 1854. But we cannot refrain from stating that the architect lamentably erred in planning the church in that particular style of…
Mytholm Hall in the foreground, with St James church behind, and Eaves Mill behind that. Heptonstall church is on the sky-line
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