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November 1998. Re-roofing the Methodist Church on Scout Road.
Rev. Thomas Holiday was a Pioneer Missionary to the Halifax and Elland area. Starting in early 1800s he soon had a considerable following. Initially services were held in people’s homes but it was decided that a proper church building was…
Young men's class at Mount Zion Primitive Methodist Sunday School. Presentation in 1916 to Messrs J and J Walton, teachers for many years
Officers and teachers who made a record attendance of 100% during the year 1921.
Class leaders, Trustees, and Chapel Committee. Back row: Jas Boocock, W. Johnson, J.A. Walton, D. Crossland. Middle row: F. Stansfield, F. Robertshaw, A. Johnson, Sam Morgan, W. Oldfield, W. Brearley. Front row: T. Naylor, Sth Johnson, Jos Siddal, T.…
Teachers and Officers, Centenary, 1923. Back row: Messrs J. Walton, A.J. Robertshaw, F. Stansfield, A. Johnson, W. Oldfield, T. Morgan. Second row: Mr D. Crossland, Misses E.E. Robertshaw, M. Naylor, D. Riley, B. Riley,A. Morgan, E. Riley, F. Naylor,…
Memorial to cricket club members who died in WW1
Plaque from Mount Zion Primitive Methodist, Mytholmroyd now in St Michael’s, Mytholmroyd.

Memorial to the fallen and those who served in the two Great Wars, 1914-1918 and 1939-1945
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