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Talk by David Fletcher being given to a group.
Can anyone identify the site? This looks very much like a volunteer gang. As there is only a single track it is almost certainly a heritage line.
This is at Blake Dean, just on the Widdop side of the bridge. It is possibly an organised walk in protest at Halifax Corporation's actions to close footpaths following the construction of the Walshaw Dean reservoirs, or against plans to build another…
Undated postcard. A church group outing to the Crags. Just visible behind the trees top left is the Pavilion Tearoom.
Hazel Hollows, centre, on the day of her retirement, Wednesday 17 April 1985.

Mons Mill, under Volex, was still the largest employer in the area in 1993. Instead of spinning cotton yarn, the new mill workers use their dexterity to thread complex…
Can anybody identify any of the children?
Front row, third from right, small boy with white collar is Donald Sunderland
Back row, left to right: Susan Parker, ?, Stuart England, Trevor Haigh, Stephen Walker, Andrew Wilson, Richard Johnstone, Mrs Harrison. Middle row: Margaret Wade, ?, Rosalind Parker, Kathleen Greatorex, Susan Butterworth, Maxine Thornton, Jane…
Back row: Philip Hunt, Billy Thornton, Stuart England, Trevor Haigh, Stephen Jagger, Andrew Wilson, Richard Johnstone, Mr Thomas
Middle row: Howard Leach, Valerie Sutcliffe, Susan Parker, Margaret wade, Kathleen Greatorex, Susan Butterworth, Eileen…
Back row: Andrew Wilson,?,Glyn Howarth, Trevor Haigh, Stuart England, Stephen Walker, David Crossley, Mr Thomas
Middle row: Eileen Butterfield, Vivienne Leach, Glenda Robinson, Janet Stenhouse, Maxine Thornton, ?, Kathleen Stenhouse, ?, Margaret…
During a period of very warm weather the heamaster told the school that one day they could come to school with their swimming costumes. Doris' mum told her that was all very well, but she would have to keep her vest on underneath!
Back row, L to R: Miss Dewhirst; George Hanson; Jimmy Crossley; Annie Bradley; Doris Clegg; Jean Stott; Frank Crabtree; Jonas Edwards.

Middle row: Jack Whitehead; Olive Waite; Ivy Jeffrey; Nancy Mellors; Doris Ibbotson; Annie Priestley; Eileen…
A Hebden Bridge Light opera production, 1949. L_R Back Row Enid Irving, Audrey Beasley, Margaret Dunkley, Gladys Wills
Front row: Inez Norrish, Kathleen Horner, Nora Wheatley, Marjory Holmes. (Marjorie married Derek Powell and Kenneth Lord for her…
Back Row L-R Gladys Wills, Jean McAuliffe, Jack McHale, Barbara Hartley, Barbara Noon.
Front Row L-R Clifford Uttley ? Hannah Jackson, Alice Booth, Mary Simkin, Jim Brown.
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