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The Veterans (Vets) hold the 6-a-side Tournament Trophy aloft (2012)

From L to R : K Cameron, J Pickup, J Allison, J Atkinson, P HOwitt, L Massey

The 6-a-side Tournament was held during the 2012 Fun Day which attracted many visitors, families,…
From L to R: K Hall, J Appleby, J Anderson, L Massey, G Kidd, Unknown
Front row, third from right, small boy with white collar is Donald Sunderland
These impressive trophies have been awarded to (presumably) the mink in the case and the rosette reads' 'Class Champion 1956, Best Novice.' The mink farm in Hebden Bridge was situated near Burlees and in the 1970s some of the mink were released by…
"Woodroyd Chieftain" by Champion Colinwood Cowboy, ex Blue Jenny of Glourie. 1950
Jack Bridge cricket club won the cup in 1930. Here are three of the players. From L to R:

Jack Chambers, Clifford Crabtree and Rennie Thwaites.

They are pictured at Hudson Mill with the bottom of Pilling Steps behind the group. Note that they…
Halifax Junior Cricket League

Back Row, Left to Right: Tom Pettingell; Joe Howarth; Roderick Fisher; Albert Mitchell. Front row: Jack Wilkes; George Hayes; Verney Sykes; Harold Fielden.
An elegant pose to celebrate wining a dance trophy. Donated by Janice Dobson
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