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Playing on Midgley Recreation Ground, Oats Royd Mill is in the background.
The Calderdale Way is a recreational footpath designed to be walked in 14 sections, with linkpaths to roads and bus routes. It was opened in 1978.
1911-12 season. They later became Heptonstall AFC and then joined with the Hebden Bridge team to become Hebden Royd Red Star.
Front row, third from right, small boy with white collar is Donald Sunderland
Walsden cricket ground can be seen behind Gordon Riggs Garden Centre
The Calderdalw Way is a 50 mile circular foorpath around Calderdale, opened in 1978.
Calderdale Way off the Pennine Bridleway
Dated 16.06.1918 from son Percy to Mother and Father. Royal Army Medical Corps. AN70081533
Back row, left to right: Arthur Francis, Jim Stone, unknown, Robert Huck (goalie), Terry Southwell, Donald Powell, George Thompson, Norman Uttley, Philip Sutcliffe. Front row: David Lawton, Geoffrey Traynor, unknown, Derek Ingham, Keith Pickles.
Mr Walton, teacher. Front row: Michael Walker, Jimmy Hooson, Dennis Burton, unknown (Wray?), Ronnie Hudson. Back row: unknown, Peter Coneron, Michael Robertshaw, unknown, Robert Falcon Scott, unknown, Peter Holroyd.
Teacher Frank Walton. Back row: Bill Dalton, unknown, unknown, Brian Kershaw, Jimmy Ashworth, Donald Coneron. Front row: unknown, unknown, Brian Sunderland, Brian Singleton, Brian Wray, Derek Williams.
Teacher is Mr Walton, back row right is Brian Greenwood. Front row right is derek Hem, and next to him Brian Powell.
Starting in the top right corner we have the industial premises at the end of Walton Street and Sowerby Bridge Cricket Ground. The dark diagonal line is the River Calder flowing R to L. The thinner dark line is the Rochdale Canal, between the 2 is…
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