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View over Palace House Road to Mayroyd Mill and Royd House from the north; the Dodnaze housing estate built in the 1950s and 60s above on the hillside.
Winter view from the north hillside over Hebden Bridge station and Machpelah. Old Town Mill chimney on the skyline
Righthand corner Victoria Bridge over the River Calder leading up to the large station warehouse which was demolished in 1969 following a serious fire. To the front of the station building the demolition site of part of Victoria Mill and above the…
c1910. As we come down the hillside and along Heptonstall Road we pass Cross Lane Chapel (United Methodists) on the right of the picture. Further down the road we approach Queens Terrace and Albion Terrace.

On the left of the picture, beyond the…
In the foreground is Victoria Mill, now demolished. F & T Lumb's hatchery can be seen on the other side of the railway.
Man with a donkey on the tow path where it inclines up to the bridge at the top of Holme Street. The river is below the wall which today is replaced by railings around the children's playground. The tow path has now been re-aligned at this point.…
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