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Or is this Stanley Holmes at/of Mill Field End?
Is this Stanley Holmes at/of Mill Field End?
Edward Crowther driving an International tractor.
Fred Prior at work. Looking towards Mount Tabor. Lower Shaw is in the centre, and Long Riggin on the far right hand side.
Disc harrowing with an International tractor to break up the clods of earth turned up by the plough. The field is off Thorny Lane and the driver , Mr Depledge, farmed at High House Farm.
Willy Wainhouse driving a Ferguson tractor. On the skyline on the left hand side is Wainstalls School.
Pulling a hay cock by means of hay ropes. Sands Farm is between Hathershelf and Boulderclough.
Cragg road runs across the bottom of the picture, and Dean Hey is to the bottom right of the picture.
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