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Or is this Stanley Holmes at/of Mill Field End?
Is this Stanley Holmes at/of Mill Field End?
Fred Prior at work. Looking towards Mount Tabor. Lower Shaw is in the centre, and Long Riggin on the far right hand side.
Pulling a hay cock by means of hay ropes. Sands Farm is between Hathershelf and Boulderclough.
Beatrice Wilkinson, Top Brink Farm, Lumbutts. AN 34132183
A general view from Holebottom showing the railway cutting across the centre of the town. Clearly visible on the right are Christ Church and its Vicarage. The former Ridgefoot Mill complex can be seen abutting the viaduct.

From a lithograph by…
The Todmorden viaduct, laid out on a curve, comprising nine spans. The stone came from Lobb Quarry, near Dobroyd Castle. Drawing by A. F. Tait
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