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Architecture, Farm, Sowerby, Barn, Hoodmould, Coiners
Architecture, Mullion Window, Sowerby, Hoodmould, House, Bell-shaped Decoration
Architecture, Mullion Window, Sowerby, Porch, Farm
Architecture, Mullion Window, Sowerby, Porch, Farm
Architecture, Mullion Window, Arch-headed window, Sowerby, Farm
Pulling a hay cock by means of hay ropes. Sands Farm is between Hathershelf and Boulderclough.
Boulderclough Chapel is towards the centre at the bottom of the picture, Steep Lane Chapel right of centre higher up, and Crow Hill is on the skyline.
Canal Basin Sowerby Bridge, River Calder Mytholmroyd, St Peter's Church Sowerby, Canal and Christ Church Sowerby Bridge. Postcard dated 1992.
County Bridge, St Peter's Church Sowerby, Canal Basin Sowerby Bridge, River Calder Mytholmroyd. Postcard dated 1993.
The home of John Carr architect, who designed Harewood House. A Grade 2* listed building.
HEPZIBAH Baptist Church now known as Steep Lane Chapel, Sowerby, c1965.

The first chapel on this site was built in 1751 as an Independent Church, but in 1779 it was affiliated to the Baptist movement. A new chapel was built in 1820 and was known…
Slide 3 - In 1706 John Dearden, grandson of the John who is supposed to have built the house, having by marriage come into the Hollins Estate, sold Wood Lane, to Jeremy Crossley of Lighthazles for £1100, described as a 'white Kerseyman.'The view of…
Slide 2 - The Deardens by their trade as clothiers became very wealthy. It was the custom in the 17th Century to bid very large numbers of friends and acquaintances to funerals. At the death of Michael, son of John Dearden, in 1672, 279 were bidden,…
Slide 1 - This is one of the most picturesque old Houses in the parish of Halifax, and seems to have escaped external alterations evident in all others, according to the varying tastes of the owners. It is situated in the Calder Valley on a steep…
Slide 3 - A fine marble monument to Archbishop Tillotson
Slide 2 - The house is pleasantly situated, surrounded with trees, and covered on the front with ivy and creepers. It is a Charles 1st erection, according to the earliest inscribed date - 1630 - which is the very year of the Archbishop's birth. As…
Slide 1 - Haugh End is rendered famous as the birthplace of Archbishop Tillotson. The room in which tradition says John Tillotson was born is on the ground floor, and is beautifully paneled in black oak. Over the fireplace is a representation in…
The sketch and description are from The Calderdale Sketch Book by J. L. Berbiers, published in 1973 by The Halifax Courier Ltd.

The present St Peter
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