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PH/25. The sketch and description are from The Calderdale Sketch Book by J. L. Berbiers, published in 1973 by The Halifax Courier Ltd. Strange how quickly attitudes change
1969 calendar. One of Halifax's steepest gradients looking down towards New Bank and North Bridge . With a slope of over 1 in 5 it was once part of the main road from Halifax to Bradford over Swales Moor. PH15.
1969 calendar. The name is said to be unique - an area of Halifax which has undergone marked change in every generation of the past century. \it is the original location of the warehouses and shops of the wool staplers or wool drivers. PH15.
1969 calendar. Typical galleried houses and cellar cottages of the hilly West Riding - Waterloo Street, Boothtown as it once was. PH15.
1969 calendar. Wheatley, Halifax shows a particular feature of a West Riding building in the 19th Century, when the handicap of a narrow site on a steeply rising hillside was overcome by putting one house on top of another with access at different…
1969 calendar. In the Haugh Shaw district of Halifax it provides another example of the use of the gallery to counteract the building difficulties of sloping land. The extra storey at the lower level of the building gave scope for either cellaring…
1969 calendar. Claremount, Halifax is a scene typical of the area known as Beaumont Town - 19th century cottage property with setted highway and flagged pavements. At the fall of the slope is St Thomas's School. PH15.
1969 calendar. Situated on Pellon Lane it is a fine example of the substantial and impressive nature of the portals of many 19th Century industrial premises. Union Mills of S Highley & Company , worsted manufacturers, was largely rebuilt after a…
Seen from Hall Street North, it is an Old Boothtown landmark which was exempted from demolition in the area because of its historical and architectural interest.
PH15. 1969 calendar. It derives its name from stoneary for once stone was quarried from the hillside here when it was still a hamlet isolated from Halifax.
PH15. 1969 calendar. Not widely known because it is out of general sight between Burnley and Rochdale Roads, past Kings Cross. The galleried houses take their name from J. E. Wainhouse, builder of more famous and certainly more visible Wainhouse…
PH15. 1969 calendar. Demolished in 1967 it was described as possibly the only complete example in Halifax of a terrace in the Regency style. The Regency influence was confined to the arch over the doorway, though the windows were originally small…
1969 calendar. Swine Market once looked like this before the Grand Junction Hotel (right) and property on the South side of Gilbert Street was cleared to make way for a widened A58 trunk road. PH15.
PH16. 1979 Halifax Calendar. Originally a Georgian House - now Local Law Society Offices.
PH16. 1979 Halifax Calendar. Built in 1856-9 for Col. Akroyd and designed by Sir G. G. Scott who described it as his best church.
PH16. 1979 Halifax Calendar. Originally a Georgian House - now Local Law Society Offices. Behind the 19th Century entrance is a 17th Century building where an upper room contains fine panelling and plasterwork.
PH16. 1979 Halifax Calendar. Previously the Hanover Chapel it is now used by the Halifax Thespians.
PH16. 1979 Halifax Calendar. The central stone part of this Georgian house was built in 1751 and the brick wings in 1760-64.
PH16. 1979 Halifax Calendar. Dating from 1895 the building contains magnificent ironwork and a central clock standard under the dome.
1979 Halifax Calendar. These older buildings are obscured by the present station approach. PH16.
1979 Halifax Calendar. Designed by Sir Charles Barry (who also designed the Houses of Parliament) it was built in 1859-62. PH16.
1979 Halifax Calendar. One of the oldest highways of Halifax, it is likely to disappear upon redevelopment. PH16.
1979 Halifax Calendar. Mainly a 15th Century building but with Norman and Early-English remains. PH16.
1979 Halifax Calendar. A 17th century inn, altered in the 19th and 20th centuries. PH16.
1979 Halifax Calendar. The Theatre Royal was constructed in the early 1900s to a design by Horsfall. PH16.
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