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Mytholm, just to the west of Hebden Bridge. Bankfoot Garage is in the foreground, above and to the right is St James' Church, and in the distance is Lumb Bank, home of the Arvon Foundation and former home of Ted Hughes. The garage has now been…
The church well to the west of the town centre at Mytholm.
In the valley Hebden Bridge Parish Church of St James the Great, out of the town centre at Mytholm, and above Heptonstall Church of St Thomas the Apostle.
Bottom right Calder Holmes playing field. On the left housing climbing the Birchcliffe hillside and top centre Chiserley.
Taken from Pecket with Stoodley Pike on the horizon
The tower of Heptonstall Church stands out on the skyline.
In the centre is the large chimney of the former Calder Mill which was largely destroyed by fire in the 1960s.
The house shown here next to the school is on the site of the former St John's church.
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