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The horse drawn pleasure boat William passes what is now known as the Waterside Inn at Littleborough, which was originally known as the Railway Inn.
See 00152 - 00159; 170 - 175; 223 - 225.
Broad Beam boat on the canal at Hebden Bridge moored at Hebble End. In the distance the bridge taking the road up to Fairfield
Broad Beam boat on the Rochdale Canal at Hebden Bridge with Picture House in the background.
The crew of a canal boat consisted of captain, bosun and horse man. This photograph also shows members of the captain's family who, from the 1850s, were allowed to travel with the boat.
Mabel' passing 'Ellen' at Derdale. All the Rochdale Canal Company boats were named after women or flowers. In this photograph, flour from Stansfield Corn Mill is being hoisted into the barge.
A canal boat off-loading stone at the corporation yard at Waterside, 1904.

With the use of water power, the output of cloth increased. This increase in trade saw the opening up of the valleys and the construction of Turn Pike Roads, with their…
Narrowboats on the wharf. Wainhouse Tower in the distance.
Moored at Warland, Walsden, this restaurant actually materialised - opened for a while - then there was a fire and it closed.
Narrow boat in the dock at Hebden Bridge now re-developed as a marina.
Crossley Mill is on the left and to the right of it are the houses of Machpelah.
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