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A snicket off the canal opposite Mayroyd moorings, Hebden Bridge
The crew of a canal boat consisted of captain, bosun and horse man. This photograph also shows members of the captain's family who, from the 1850s, were allowed to travel with the boat.
Panorama of the Derdale industrial area being served by barges on the Rochdale Canal. Centre left part of the town centre viaduct.
Mabel' passing 'Ellen' at Derdale. All the Rochdale Canal Company boats were named after women or flowers. In this photograph, flour from Stansfield Corn Mill is being hoisted into the barge.
A canal boat off-loading stone at the corporation yard at Waterside, 1904.

With the use of water power, the output of cloth increased. This increase in trade saw the opening up of the valleys and the construction of Turn Pike Roads, with their…
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