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In the centre is New Bridge Mill a former water powered cotton mill looking here in a rather derelict condotion. Bythe late 1890s the upper floor was converted into Lello's Tea Rooms catering for the thousands of visitors who came to Hardcastle…
On the right the Lodge at the gates to Harcastle Crags and on the left New Bridge Mill. By the time of this photo the upper floor of the mill had been converted into Tea Rooms advertised on the gable end.
This Post Card probably dates from the 1940's. The property is now a Scout Complex. Notice the man's head carved high on the side gable. (Postcard Lilywhite Ltd, Brighouse, copyright HCS 35).
Gibson Mill began its life around 1803 as a water-powered spinning mill. Less than a hundred years later, it was called Lord Holme Mill, part of a major tourist attraction. It was eventually left to the National Trust by Abraham Gibson of Greenwood…
This was just one of several refreshment facilities at the Crags catering for the vast numbers of visitors who came from the mill towns on both sides of the Pennines. A little below it is Gibson Mill 'entertainment emporium'.
A rare internal shot of Gibson Mill Restaurant in its hey day as a recreational venue. Probably early 1900s.
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