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View over the roofs of the Hangingroyd area to Linden Mill. Built in 1907 for the manufacture of clothing it closed in 1983 and is now part occupied by Artsmill.
Viewed from Keighley Road over the north light roof of Hebden Works, now partly demolished. To the right above the north lights is part of Hangingroyd Mill and the open area in the centre with a caravan on it and the building to the left, also part…
The mill behind Hangingroyd Lane is now known as the Artsmill founded in 2003. Originally it was a purpose built clothing factory, c.1905, producing ready made fustian garments, that is heavy cotton workware such as corduroys and moleskins for which…
The white painted pub is the Shoulder of Mutton, behind which is the decorative end of the Council Offices. The chimney is on Bridge Mill, and behind the shop with the blind, for many years Bonsall's hardware sop, is Linden Mill..
View of the White Lion from Keighley Road; behind which is Linden Mill and then the houses on Heptonstall Road.
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