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The tenements at the bottom of the Buttress, seen here from Bridgegate, were demolished in the mid-1960 as unfit for human habitation.
The tenements at the bottom of the Buttress were demolished in the mid-1960s as unfit for human habitation.
Clearing the site for flats at Mytholm Close. The near buildings on the right are opposite the bottom of Heptonstall Road. Just visible to their left is the Fox & Goose and to their right the undemolished north side of Bridge Lanes. Adelaide Street…
ALC00328. The dwellings on the north side of Bridge Lanes being demolished in April 1964.
Demolition of old farmhouse and buildings opposite No 4 Keighley Road, Pecket Well. The site is now a car park for residents.
Flood prevention work at County Bridge, Mytholmroyd reveals timber foundation of the bridge built 400 years ago.
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