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LYRS 8692 - Level Crossing gates from the east side probably in the late 1960s. Once on the carriage drive to Dobroyd Castle it is now a pedestrian crossing only and the cottage on the far right has gone.
LYRS 8691 - The Level Crossing, Cottage & Warehouse probably late 1960s. The structural outline on the cottage end wall was where the tiny Single Box was situated. The crossing is now pedestrian only and the buildings have gone.
LYRS 3825 - c.1890. On the carriage drive to Dobroyd Castle. "The level crossing at Dobroyd was controlled from this quaint, doll's house-style structure, first erected in 1872, and replaced in 1901. The job of crossing keeper was an occupational…
Viewed from Dobroyd Road in 1866, a year after the station was enlarged. The warehouses in the foreground are served by a branch line developed and used by Fielden Bros. Ltd for cotton goods. This shows the goods yard before it was extended in 1881…
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