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Undated postcard. The road up the Crags from Midgehole climbs along on the right and in the centre is the dam (no public access), near Hawden Hole, which served New Bridge Mill at Midgehole. Above the dam and in a clearing is Thornton’s Tea…
Undated postcard. Looking down the valley towards Hebden Bridge with Lee Mill and the mill dam, to its left is Lee Mill Road and left of that Midgehole Road. Heptonstall Church is on the skyline. Lee Mill was a former cotton mill and was demolished…
Undated postcard. To the right of centre is Lee Mill, a former cotton mill demolished in the 1970s, and above it Midgehole Road to Hardcastle Crags. Just discernible to the mill's left amongst the trees is the chimney of Midgehole Upper Mill or…
Looking up Hebden Dale towards Hardcastle Crags. Below the road is Lee Mill, a former cotton mill that was demolished in the 1970s. On the hilltop is Pecket Well War Memorial.
Towards the centre Lee Mill and chimney and left ofit the chimneys of Upper and Lower Midgehole Mills.
View looking down the valley towards Hebden Bridge. In the centre the chimney of Lee Mill and top left Old Town Mill. Straggling down towards the bottom is Midgehole Road.
Lee Mill, a cotton mill in the Hebden Valley and Dog Bottom, c1910. Seen here looking up towards hardcastle Crags. The mill was demolished in the 1960s by which time it was disused,
After the war Billy Holt opened a holiday camp in Hardcastle Crags using army surplus tents.
This is the top end of the Hardcastle Crags valley. On the right of the picture in the middle distance is Walshaw, for many years used as a shooting lodge by Lord Savile.
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