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MYTHOLME BRIDGE takes Lister Road over the Red Beck in the Shibden Valley. It has one stone arch and an inscription on the north side of the bridge records "This Bridge was Built and the Diversion of the Road made in the year 1809." In the West…
DUMB MILL BRIDGE in the Shibden Valley has been known successively as Barrowclough Bridge, Place Bridge, Deaf Mill Bridge and its present name. It spans the Red Beck which was the boundary between the Hipperholme and Southowram townships. The stream…
The sketch and description were originally published in The Halifax Courier in 1912-1913.

One of several old homesteads in Shibden valley. Staups dates back well over 300 years, for documentary evidence tells of a John Bentley compounding for…
Shibden Hall, Halifax
The Lister family were associated with Shibden Hall for over 300 years, and the lion is part of their coat of arms.
Th Grade II Listed house dates from the15th century and is now owned by Calderdale Council and along with its park is open to the public.
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