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Also known at sometime in the past as Cosy Corner. It is the present site of the Halifax Scout's hostels and camp site.
Dated 16.06.1918 from son Percy to Mother and Father. AN70081533
Jeanette Dewhirst and Ronnie Butterworth. AN 34131789
Digging drainage ditches. AN 34131789
see ALC01498 for text on back of postcard, send from 'TG' to Mr Geo Greenwood, of Pecket Well.
Local lads on holiday at Blackpool before the First World War. Bob Barker, lying on the grass, was an apprentice whitesmith for John Bentley on Blind Lane.

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Thornton's Tea Rooms at Hebden Hey, also known as Cosy Corner
Originally Hawden Hole it was developed after the First World War for camping and tea rooms. The white building has long been demolished and the other building extended and re-named Hawden Hall.
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