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Mr Crabtree is in the foreground. Per (Photo by?) the late Mr F Anderson, 169 Manchester Road, Burnley who died in 1988.AN 55941158
The firm, Crabtree Bros. Ltd., specialised in dyeing and finishing heavy fustians, mainly moleskins, and related fabrics such as Bedford Cords, Whipcords and Cavalry twills. The firm didn't process corduroys or other pile fabrics. Much of the…
Spinning and weaving at Harley House, Adamroyd, and Ferney Mills, Todmorden.
Why not choose a career with Charles Crabtree Ltd and its Associated Company S and A Barker's Successors Ltd.
Mrs Eastwood, working on a ring spinning frame, Mons Mill, 1949.
Mrs Whitham on a bobbin winding frame, 1949.
Mrs Parfitt watching a beaming frame, 1949.
Miss Heyworth pushing down sliver into a card can, Mons mill, 1949.
Mrs Payne, right, at her drawing frame with Mr Melton, the Head Carder, Mons Mill, 1949.
View inside the card room at Mons Mill, 1936.
Joshua Smith's winding room - A view of the winding room at Joshua Smith's Frostholme Mill, in Cornholme, 1913. The firm of Joshua Smith's ran the mill from 1882 until well into the 1950s, at one time employing over 700 people in the production of…
View across the main weaving shed at Joshua Smith's, 1912.
A view across the 'New' shed at Waterside in 1912. Interior of the large weaving shed at Waterside in 1912. It is now the site of the Morrisons Supermarket.
Scouring is taking place in the foreground, with the dyeing jigs behind.
Pirn winding frames. Winding yarn from cone on to pirn to go into the shuttle of the loom.
This view shows a scutcher, the final process in the Blowing Room. The large roll of cotton, called a 'lap' has been 'doffed' and has a lap rod inserted through the centre, ready to go to the carding machine in the Cardroom. A pile of lap rods is…
This view in the Spinning Room shows ring spinning frames, an alternative process for the production of cotton yarn to the self-acting mule. Rovings from the roving frame are placed in the creel and the ends threaded through the roller drafting…
These machines are ring doubling frames, made by Howard & Bullough Ltd, Globe Works, Accrington, the world's largest maker of ring frames. They are making a folded (two or more folds) yarn. Bobbins from the bobbin winding frames are placed in the…
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