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Queen Street Mill, Burnley
Installation of new Belgian looms at Westfield Mill for Greenwood Stell & Sons Ltd.
Possibly Jack-o-Bog Eggs, Wadsworth, the last hand loom weaver in the Calderdale area.
Possibly Jack-o-Bog Eggs, Wadsworth, possibly the last of the hand-loom weaver in the Hebden Bridge area.
Alma Dawson, aged about 17, weaver at Dawson's in 1943. Like most weavers, Alma looked after 4 looms.
Weaver's and Tacklers at Emmet's shed, Caldervale Mill, Cornholme, 1913.
Cornelius Giblin, Warp Twister at Greenwood Stell & Sons Ltd.
This is the last surviving 19th century steam powered weaving mill.

By early 1982 the mill was only operating 440 looms and was no longer financially viable. It finally closed on 12 March 1982, and the mill was mothballed. The mill was rescued by…
Ethel Crabtree at Work. On her right is a dobby, a mechanism for pattern weaving.
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