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The tram terminus. The building on the left is on the corner of Holme Street. The shop bearing the name Spencer & Nicholl was later demolished to widen the junction with Bridge Gate. Queens Terrace is towards the top of the picture.
The tram terminus at the junction of Crown Street and New Road early 20th century. The Halifax Corporation trams reached Hebden Bridge 1901 and ceased running in 1936. Part of the Hebden Bridge Local History Society Archive
The tram terminus on New Road, near the junction with Holme Street, left, and Bridge Gate, right looking towards West End. The white sign on the right-hand building points to C Westerman, Photographer, on West End and the signs on the left-hand…
Pre First World War. Halifax Corporation tram number 73, came into service November 1902, photographed here at the terminus on New Road near the junction with Crown Street. Trams ran from Halifax to Hebden Bridge from 1901 to 1936. On the left is the…
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