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Westbourne House was occupied by Hebden Bridge tourist Information Centre from 1976 to 2003. Labrokes took over the former Yorkshire Bank premises.
Photo taken at the junction of Old Gate and West End, showing the rear of Westbourne House and Bridge Gate Mill. Nickie's cafe stood oat this junction but was pulled down in the 1960s as part of a road widening and improvement scheme.
ALC00350. Looking towards West End. Timothy Whites was taken over by Boots in 1968 and most stores closed and in 1976 the one seen here became the Tourist Information Centre and is now AJs Fish & Chips. Next to it is the Yorkshire Bank, now…
The tram terminus on New Road, near the junction with Holme Street, left, and Bridge Gate, right looking towards West End. The white sign on the right-hand building points to C Westerman, Photographer, on West End and the signs on the left-hand…
ALC00346. East side of the festival arch for the coronation of George V in June 1911 looking through to Westbourne House. This side was lit by electricity whilst the other was lit by gas.
Relaying sets at West End near the junction with Bridge Gate, left, and New Road, right. Note the last building on Bridge Gate, this was later pulled down to enable widening of the main road.
West End looking towards New Road. Date unknown but the car has a post-1921 Leeds registration number. From the far end the shops are: first three Blackburn Ironmongers; Haighs Music Shop; Westerman's Photographic Studio; Cockcrofts and Watsons. On…
The arch was erected as part of the celebrations marking the Coronation of King George V and Queen Mary in 1911. On this side it was lit by gas and on the other side by electricity.
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