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Title: Cross Gates Station Leeds - DNT00145

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Cross Gates Station Leeds - DNT00145


Originally on the Leeds & Selby Railway which opened in 1834 from Marsh Lane which was the first station in Leeds. However due to the machinations of George Hudson, the ‘Railway King’, it fell into disuse between 1840 and 1850 and the line was not extended into Leeds centre until the opening of New Station in 1869.

The station seen here looking east with an NER train about to depart dates from 1902 when the line between here and Neville Hill was quadrupled. Beyond the station can be seen the crossover for the junction of the Wetherby line which opened in 1876. At Wetherby there was a junction onto the Church Fenton – Harrogate line and there were daily services between Leeds and Harrogate via this route until closure of both the Wetherby line and the Church Fenton – Harrogate line in 1964.

David Taylor remembers as a boy at school in Leeds whilst living in Harrogate on occasions travelling on the Wetherby route when ‘let out’ of school early!




David Taylor


PHDA - David Taylor Collection


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