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Title: Guiseley Station - DNT00188

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Guiseley Station - DNT00188


The MR’s branch from the Otley & Ilkley Joint Railway to their Aire Valley line at Apperley Junction had opened in 1865 and the station at Guiseley was opened at the same time. The connection to the Aire Valley line was Leeds facing which meant that Bradford trains had either to reverse on and off the branch or be uncoupled and then coupled up to a new loco. To overcome this inconvenience in 1876 the MR built a spur from near Shipley on the Aire Valley Line to Esholt Junction a mile or so south of Guiseley Station. The NER obtained running powers over the line which enabled them to run a direct Harrogate/Bradford service without having to
go via Leeds with a change at Holbeck.

The original buildings have been demolished but the station remained open still with services to Ilkley, Leeds and Bradford Forster Square, now known as the Wharfedale Line. The line was electrified in 1994/5 and the station was re-developed in 2002.




David Taylor


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