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Title: Brockholes Station c1900. L&YR Huddersfield – Penistone Line - DNT00296

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Brockholes Station c1900. L&YR Huddersfield – Penistone Line - DNT00296


The station at the junction with the Holmfirth Branch opened with the line and the Branch in 1850. The Branch closed in 1959 but the station survived both the closure and the Beeching cuts of the 1960s. Like other intermediate stations on the line it was de-staffed in the mid-1960s and a few years later the Waiting Room on the down platform, seen here on the left, was demolished along with the footbridge. The line was reduced to single track over much of its length in 1989. The buildings seen here on the right, on the the now redundant platform, are in private residential use.


PHDA _ David Taylor Collection


Pennine Horizons Digital Archive




“Brockholes Station c1900. L&YR Huddersfield – Penistone Line - DNT00296,” Pennine Horizons Digital Archive, accessed December 4, 2023, https://penninehorizons.org/items/show/36680.

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