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Title: Penistone Station - DNT00301

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Penistone Station - DNT00301


The first station at Penistone on the Manchester Sheffield and Lincolnshire Railway’s (later Great Central) Sheffield – Manchester Woodhead line opened in 1845. When the L&YR line from Huddersfield to Penistone opened in 1850 it joined the Woodhead line at a junction east of the station with the result that L&YR trains had to reverse into the station. This persisted until 1874 when a new joint station was built with GCR and L&YR having their own platforms.

Penistone was also the terminus for trains from Doncaster via Barnsley connecting to the Woodhead line.

The GCR platforms closed in 1970 together with the Woodhead line to passenger and the line closed fully in 1981 and the tracks were subsequently lifted. The two remaining platforms for the Huddersfield – Sheffield line now sport just simple shelters for passengers.

The end of the GCR platforms are seen here in this image with GCR locos and carriages and in the background the Yorkshire Iron & Steel Works.

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“Penistone Station - DNT00301,” Pennine Horizons Digital Archive, accessed May 26, 2024, https://penninehorizons.org/items/show/36685.

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