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North lights on the weaving shed of the former Hebden Works on Valley Road below Nutclogh Mill.
The Co-op weaving shed is on the right. In 1919 the fustian weavers co-operative at Nutclough Mill was acquired by the Co-operative Wholesale Society (CWS) but in 1967 the mill closed and the business transferred to Hebden Works seen here.

The weaving shed with its north lights roof and Hebden Water taken from Nutclough Mill. Victoria Road top centre going off to the left; top left part of Hangingroyd Mill, long demolished, and the single storey building in front of it is now the…
Jean Forrest Recalls
Jack Bridge Mill was built in 1861 as a steam powered spinning mill with twin Lancashire boilers and a beam engine, all buildings being on one level. In 1862 a large weaving shed was added, at that time the largest in the valley…
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