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Built C1510. There are plaques recording repairs of 1600, 1602 and 1657. The parapet was repaired in 1845 and raised in 1890.
Running along top right is The Drive through Hardcastle Crags and in centre New Bridge Mill dam. The building on the hillside above the dam is Hebden Hey now site of scout hostels.
Midgehole Lower Mill is on the left and Midgehole Upper Mill, later the Dye Works on the right. Just discernible in the centre distance is New Bridge Mill.
The buildings in the centre over the bridge have been demolished and the area is now car parking for the Blue Pig.
The building on the left has now been demolished.
Looking down the valley in the direction of Hebden Bridge. The signage on the building far right is advertising refreshments so as to be seen by visitors walking down Midgehole Road on the other side of the river.
The path in the centre is part of the old Packhorse route from Heptonstall crossing over the bridge here and then climbing up the hillside to Pecket Well.
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