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Two of the mill dams for Lumbutts Mill are in the frground and also Lumbuts Chapel.
The lane on the left is Midgehole Road leading to to Hardcastle Crags.
St Peters Church was constructed in 1845 when Walsden became a Parish in its own right and no longer part of Todmorden Parish. The church was consecrated in 1848.
Cragg road runs across the bottom of the picture, and Dean Hey is to the bottom right of the picture.
Postcard with July 1947 postmark. Scarbottom Mill is in the centre. Cragg Road can be seen at the bottom right of the photo.
Undated postcard but Calder High School, top centre, is under construction and although work on the school started before the war, it did not open until 1950, it was the West Riding's first comprehensive school. Redman's Scarbottom Mill, with its…
The terrace far left is Nursery Nook on Keighley Road with below it Lee Mill Road and going off that to its right is Windsor Road and below that Foster Mill Dam with Foster Mill.
The middle dam, Waterstalls,1933. The farms in the distance are Lower and Higher Scout.
Water powered mills on the line of Lumbutts Clough in Causey Wood. Oldroyd Mill, about 1912, the last mill to be powered by water from Lumbutts Clough. The manager's house is attached to the left of the building. The mill chimney in the far…
Water powered mills on the line of Lumbutts Clough in Causey Wood.

Causey Wood Mill was constructed by Firth and Haworth in 1826 for cotton spinning. At the time of this photograph it had been derelict for some years and was demolished soon after…
The outlets from the dam, flowing back into Hebden Water
The long dis-used mill dam for Wood Top Dye works.
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