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Title: Slaithwaite Station, LNWR Huddersfied – Manchester Line - DNT00282

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Slaithwaite Station, LNWR Huddersfied – Manchester Line - DNT00282


Slaithwaite Station like other stations on the LNWR’s Huddersfield Manchester line along the Colne Valley opened with the line in 1849; it was enlarged in the mid-1890s when the line was increased from two to four tracks. It is seen here with well maintained platforms at an unknown date, but probably pre-1948 Nationalisation, or even earlier. The LNWR’s ringed semaphore signal on the slow lines does not appear on 1960s photos nor does the foot/barrow crossing but those later photos do show a standard semaphore signal at the end of the island platform. A steam locomotive is just discernible through the haze approaching the fast lines platforms.

The line reverted to double track in the mid-1960s and the station was closed under the Beeching axe in 1968 and the station buildings subsequently demolished and the platforms lifted. A new station was built on the site opening in 1982 with two platforms and bus stop style shelters.


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