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A rare and important example of an aisled timber-framed open hall dating to 1464 and encased in stone in late 16th century. The Hall was probably built for the Draper family, who were cloth merchants. The estate is typical of the post-medieval…
Brownhill and Tincell off Thorney Lane, Midgeley
The working horse was a main stay of a farm in the past, and this old fellow was kind, gentle and reliable.
Looking up the Colden Valley, probably taken near the top of Lumb Bank. Fields Farm at Slack Bottom is in the foreground, beyond is Pikestone Bank.
Upper Calderdale, clearly showing the Anglo-Saxon farming land on both sides of the Calder gorge
The aisled halls of the Halifax region form a unique group within the north of England. Dating from the 14th century they are evidence of the prosperity of the medieval yeoman clothier who wished to demonstrate his wealth by building a large…
Photograph of Crimsworth Dean taken from Haworth Old Road looking towards Hebden Bridge (2000)
This is a ‘Hall-and-Cross Wing’ house built around 1659, later encased in stone, situated between the Burnley Road and the Rochdale Canal just outside Luddendenfoot. It bears a date stone ‘E.S.S. 1659’ which probably refers to Edward Sutcliffe.

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