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Above the landmark chimney of Calder Mill on Stubbing Holme.
Sowerby Bridge Industrial Society Co-op Hall, Carlton Street, Sowerby Bridge
Probably a Church or Chapel Sunday School's day out walking along Midgehole Road towards the Drive into the Crags. The building is the end of Crimsworth Terrace.
The house has now been demolished and replaced with a modern house.
ALC00371. Horse and four wheeled trap on Burnley Road below Mayroyd Hall and the old Tythe Barn. The man with the horse is George Wm Thomas son of James Farrer Thomas.
ALC00338. c1910. Shops from the right: Hilber Brothers Fruit & Potato Merchant; the Post Office, clock showing 10.15; the Lancashire Bank; Lellos Central Dining Rooms which is seemingly recommended by the Cycling Touring Club; Arthur Smith but then…
Market Street looking towards West End in the 19th century. The building at the far end is Jackson Merchant Tailors. The horse drawn vehicle on the left is a two seater carriage but that on the right too indistinct. The shop bottom left is Joe Jagger…
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