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The precarious looking building over the river under the viaduct arch was a cafe. Above it are the massive brackets supporting the platform which overhangs the sides of the viaduct. Donated by Janice Dobson
LYRS 6064 - 1963.- Viaduct carrying the 'up' platform with its massive iron supports viewed from ground level. The viaduct platforms are no longer used and the overhang has been dismantled.
LYRS 6063 - 1962. The platforms not only ran the length of the viaduct but also overhung it supported by these massive iron brackets. Not entirely without incidents:
"A few months ago a large flagstone dropped out of the platform at Mytholmroyd…
LYRS 6061 - 1963. Buildings on Down side looking eastwards towards the sorting sidings beyond the signal box. The sidings and box have gone and the station has been unstaffed since 1985 and the unusual three storey Grade II listed station building…
LYRS 6056 - 1963. General view of the 'Down' platform, building and canopy looking west. The station was de-staffed in 1985 and the Grade II listed building is now disused. The platforms have been extended eastwards and provided with bus-stop…
LYRS 2768 - General view of the platforms looking in the Sowerby direction. The Signal Box near the Sorting Sidings just visible in the mist. The platforms not only straddled the viaduct but overhang it supported by massive brackets.
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