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Members of Hebden Urban District council photographed near the outlet grating in the bottom of Widdop reservoir, taken September 11th 1934 during drought. Donated by Hebden Royd Town Council
Erringden Grange taken from Kilnshaw Lane in a southerly direction
This group of walkers outside the Packhorse Inn on the Widdop Road, which includes Ann and Wayne Ogden on the left, ready to set off. Are they fundraising for the Moorland Rescue?
Gorple Gate track dropping down on the far side. Part of the Hebden Bridge Local History Society Archive
Part of the Hebden Bridge Local History Society Archive
Part of the Hebden Bridge Local History Society Archive
Graining Water and Alcomden Water meet to become Hebden Beck, or Hebden Water, shown here. The Widdop Road is on the left of the picture and the building in the bend of the road is Blake Dean Chapel. Probably taken around 1900 before the…
Think this is Widdop Gate looking over to Blake Dean hill. The building in foreground is now Widdop Gate Hostel.
The provision of public water supplies for the Halifax district was of great concern in the second half of the 19th century. As the town grew and the population increased the Victoria Reservoir created in 1848 in Gibbet Lane proved inadequate to the…
Widdop Reservoir, the buildings are Higher House, where they filmed a scene for the film Peterloo.
Possibly taken at Clough House. c1908
The bridge carrying Widdop Road over Graining Water just before its confluence with Alcomden Water to form Hebden water. Historical OS maps refer to the area as Black Dean and today it is a famous local beauty spot and picnic site..
The underside of the bridge carrying Widdop Road over Graining Water. Historical OS maps call the whole area Black Dean.
Known as the Ridge. Featured in the Geoff Boswell Calendar of 2004.
Lower Walshaw Dean Reservoir in background
The road on the right of the stream goes to Gorple Reservoirs. The white building is the Packhorse Inn.

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Looking north up the stream in Greave Clough, which joins the (Hebden) stream from Widdop Reservoir.
Clough Head Farm, Widdop Road, Heptonstall
Widdop Road beyond Slack, Heptonstall, blocked by snow.
Widdop Road on the moors between Hebden Bridge and Colne, here looking in the Hebden Bridge direction.

The reservoir was designed by J. F. Bateman for Halifax Corporation to provide a water supply from Widdop to Halifax, 8 miles away.
It was constructed under an Act of Parliament passed in 1868. The first sod was cut on 26th July 1871 by Mayor H. C.…
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