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Gibson Mill, built in around 1800, is situated within Hardcastle Crags woodland beside Hebden Water. It was one of the first mills of the Industrial Revolution. The mill was driven by a water wheel and produced cotton cloth up until 1890. In 1833,…
Old Town Cricket Club now has what was once the grounds for this splendid house.
Slide 8 - There are some delightful old flower gardens attached to the Hall. In front of one of the greenhouses, there is a curious statue of a Negro, kneeling, and supporting a tablet with a sundial on the top, with the motto -

'Let others tell…
Slide 7 - Across the road which divides the grounds, and passing through a pair of massive gate piers, we reach a lower garden.

A circular fountain is a central object where the water plays over a bed of water lilies. As seen from the south porch…
Overgate Hospice calendar 2002. PH69.
Stoodley Pike from Great Rock, Higher Eastwood. (July 2000)
The mill is beautifully reflected in the waters of the mill dam.
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