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Taken near the junction of Halifax Road and Rochdale Road. The building in the centre is the former Municipal Offices, Rise Lane, now apartments. Previously Pickles furniture store
This building was originally built in 1895 for the Halifax and Huddersfield Union Banking Company Ltd (aka The Union Bank). After merging with the Halifax Joint Stock Bank in 1910 it was amalgamated with Lloyds in 1919.
The style of phone boxes pictured (known as K8) were introduced in 1968 so this picture can be no earlier than that.
This is the top of Woolshops Halifax. All the buildings in this picture have been demolished, apart from the 'Tudor' style one on the left, which was demolished but then rebuilt.
Free School Lane, opposite Crossley Heath School, the houses on the left are actually addressed Saville Park.
The completed garden at Bankfoot, Hebden Bridge. Probably 1968/9.
Young volunteers creating a garden at Bankfoot, Hebden Bridge. Autumn 1968. Chris Greenwood standing left, 2nd girl from left Jane Longbottom now Brook, Susan Parker, Dianne Sayer now Harwood. Organised by Calder Civic Trust.
Work on what is now the car park at Brook Street. The post office is still situated in the building shown here on the left of the shot. The now demolished cinema visible through the second arch of the railway viaduct with the market hall to the right…
Photo taken at the top of Bridge Lanes, Hebden Bridge. The road to the left is Heptonstall Road. The houses on the right composed "High Street" which were demolished in the 1960's, being classed as being unfit for habitation.
View across the main road from Caldene Avenue at approx 9 am when the water had just covered the road. The car was abandoned by the gentleman who took refuge on the house steps of the house, the car was eventually swept along as far as the New Road…
Some properties on Heptonstall Road have already been demolished, and also some on Bridge Lanes.
Keighley Road is in the foreground, at its junction with Albert Street. April 2009.
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