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A wonderful picture, possibly of Sunday School scholars and teachers, from the days when chapel life was at the heart of the community.
Slide 9: It is a fine apartment, and very characteristic of the period at which it was built, namely the early part of the 18th century. The furniture in the room has a substantial and homely character about it. Over the mantle-piece are the arms…
Slide 23 - Looking west the screen is of solid brass, brightly burnished and finished off in a superb manner in every detail.
Slide 22 - This shows a view of the interior of the Chapel, looking east, with the steps leading up to the Communion Table, and reredos behind.
Slide 21 - The private Chapel which we now enter is a marvel of decoration. The lower part of the walls is panelled, filled in with beautifully executed figure subjects; the upper portion is painted, as are the windows, by Kemp. The choir stalls are…
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