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View from Beacon Hill with the railway goods and coal yard in the centre.

Photo David N Taylor Collection.
View of the town from Beacon Hill with the railway goods and coal yard centre and the high level station approach and station centre left.
The southern terminus of the single track Keighley & Worth Valley Railway opened in 1867 at the same time as the line, seen here looking towards Keighley possibly in MR days. The line was operated by the MR from the start and acquired by them in…
LYRS 3810 - The railway siding off the Todmorden - Burnley line behind Jobling Terrace was the coal depot for Cornholme and a collecting point for coal merchants but it was closed after the First World War.
LYRS 6039 - 1967. The goods and coal facilities had been withdrawn in 1964. The drops to the west of the steep ramp up to the station are right up to the A646 as seen here with barely room for a car to park. The drops are still there.
LYRS6084. 1963. The now demolished coal drops at the top of Station Road following closure of the station.
LYRS 3462n - C.1927. Halifax St Paul's Coal Depot - general view of depot including track, wagons and buildings. The joint L&YR and GNR line opened in 1890 from a junction at Holmfield on the Halifax - Queensbury line up to a terminus station known…
LYRS2700. Date unknown but probably about 1970. The connections to the GNR platforms to the station front have gone as has the Platform 3 line to the rear but the track to North Bridge is still there. The only railway activity today centres on the…
LYRS 8625 - Coal drops in 1967. The coal drops seen here with wagons on the coal siding above are west of the station off the 'up' line. Dating from about 1875 coal was 'dropped' from railway wagons on the sidings down the shoots into road wagons…
LYRS 5057 - 1956. Coal Sidings & Ground Frame Box (front & non-door gable). The coal sidings with 'drops' beneath were west of the station off the 'up' line.
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