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In the foreground is the railway line curving to the goods yard, with the station in the distance. Centre right is Fielden’s Waterside Mill next to the Rochdale Canal. To the right is the spire of the Unitarian Church, which was also built by the…
The brick 'Great Wall' supported the sidings and goods yard to the west of the station above the canal.

It is generally accepted that around 4 million bricks were used to construct the revetment known as the Great Wall of Todmorden. However,…
The station looking east in L&YR days. The canopies have all now gone along with the platform building on the left and the goods siding which is now the station car park.
LYRS 3825 - c.1890. On the carriage drive to Dobroyd Castle. "The level crossing at Dobroyd was controlled from this quaint, doll's house-style structure, first erected in 1872, and replaced in 1901. The job of crossing keeper was an occupational…
LYRS 8706 - The Stansfield Curve left the Manchester - Leeds line on the left after the box.
LYRS 0467 - Aspinall 0-6-0ST No. unknown at the Goods Yard, including wagons for a Burnley based colliery. The yard closed to general goods in 1964 and to coal in 1972; it is now the station car park.
LYRS 8640 - 1967. The Booking Hall seen here is no longer in use but there is still a staffed Ticket Office accessed from the Manchester Platform.
LYRS 6031 - 1967. The Booking Hall seen here is no longer in use but there is still a staffed Booking Office accessed from the Manchester Platform.

Very much a sign of the times for the railways the notice on the wall reads "Withdrawal of Railway…
LYRS 8680 - The disused and now demolished warehouse looking down Station Approach towards the viaduct.
LYRS 2804 - the disused and now demolished ‘up’ side Station Warehouse on Station Approach, opposite the rear of the ‘White Hart'.
LYRS 6026 - 1967. Station frontage and approach road with cobbles covered by tarmac. the building on the right including the Station Master's house has been demolished.
LYRS 2803 - The run-down station entrance and approach road in British Railway days with the now demolished station master’s house to the right.
LYRS 8705 - Late 1960s. General view across the viaduct looking north east towards the junction with the Stansfield Curve beyond the signal box.
LYRS 8649 - General view of the station in the late 1960s looking across to the Manchester platform with the station master’s house behind the fence. The building on the eastbound platform has now gone as well as all canopy .
LYRS 6029 - Looking north east from the 'up' platform across to the 'down' platform before the buildings on the 'down' platform and all canopies had been demolished.
LYRS 4340 - General view of platforms, buildings and canopies with an additional platform and line behind the 'down' platform on the right. The station is now reduced to two through platforms and the buildings on the right have gone as have the…
LYRS 4339 - General view of the platforms, buildings and canopies with a siding behind the 'down' platform. The siding has gone as have the canopies, most of the buildings and the water tank.
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