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The new Methodist Sunday School is in the process of being built with Salem Chapel to its left. The large building to the left is Melbourne Mill prior to its demolition (illegally, at 6 am on a Sunday morning without planning consent) to make way…
Picture taken before the Salem Methodist Church (left of centre) was demolished. The large building to the left is Melbourne Mill and just behind can be seen the former Neptune Inn.
Date unknown. Noticeable in the centre are the arches of Stubbings School and next to it on the left is St John's Church, demolished in the 1980s. The 4 storeyed mill bottom centre was known as Melbourne Mill, which was demolished in 1983, now the…
The road to Fairfield. The former Neptune Inn can be seen, also the demolition of Melbourne Mill is in progress.
Shows how the bridge had been widened and rebuilt. The building on the right is the former Neptune Inn.
The Neptune Inn is on the right, centre is Melbourne Mill, and to the left is the rear of Salem Church. Brunswick Mill is to the top of the picture.
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