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Can anybody identify?

Can anybody identify?

Originally thought to be Edge Hey Green

Can you identify?

In the early 1900s this was an isolation hospital.
Postcard with June 1910 postmark. This walled path leads to Robin Hood Rocks. The nearest building is Birks Hall, behind and slightly to the right is Glen House. On the right of the picture is Twist Clough and Beech Cottages.
Looking down Cragg Road towards Mytholmroyd. The Methodist Chapel, now a private house, is on the left.
Postcard with July 1959 postmark. Looking down Cragg Road towards Mytholmroyd. The Methodist Chapel, now a private house, is on the left.
Hamer Cottages at the junction of Badger Land and Old Shaw Lane. The date above the window on the right-hand cottage is 1770. Part of the Hebden Bridge Local History Society Archive
The procession is going up Smith Well Lane. The banner indicates the Wesleyan Sunday School at Heptonstall. Notice the Union Jack flags from several houses and the decorated arch at the top of Towngate in the distance. Postcard.
Towards the end of the 19th century this housed a number of Wood Cutters working on the Savile Estate. Postcard.
Folly Mill, in Lumbutts Clough. Seen here in a derelict condition, it was demolished in the 1920s. The row of houses was known locally as Mouse Nest.
Originally called Underbank Dyeworks it was used for dying silk, having two dye sheds. The remains of the mill dam which was fed by a goit from Jumble Hole Clough, can still be seen above the mill. nearby is Underbank Hall
These are the original "Spring Grove" cottages at the end of Foster Lane, Hebden Bridge.
LYRS 3825 - c.1890. On the carriage drive to Dobroyd Castle. "The level crossing at Dobroyd was controlled from this quaint, doll's house-style structure, first erected in 1872, and replaced in 1901. The job of crossing keeper was an occupational…
Outbuildings situated opposite the row of cottages at Knowl top.
The bridge over Hebden Water at Midgehole.
Row of derelict cottages in Hardcastle Crags, Hebden Bridge; does anyone know what happened to them?
Slide 18 - Another photograph shows where 'Upon a promontory small, the water mill juts out' which bears on one of the gables the Arms of the Copley's dates 1653, and on the keystone of the doorway is the date 1748. Opposite the mill on the rivers…

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Slide 17 - On one side of the village green is the Boat Farm, formerly the Boat Inn shown in the photograph on the right. The Copley coat of arms appears over the doorway. A tradition lingers about Sprotbrough that Sir Walter Scott and a friend spent…
Slide 2 - The road descends steeply to the village. The quaint looking houses are perched on the high grassy banks on either side, and before us at the foot of the descent is the Rye with its wooded foot bridge and far-off line of hills
Slide 1 - Nunnington, I was once told by a native of an adjoining Ryedale village, was not worth going to see, there being nothing in, or about the place of any interest what so ever. In corroboration of this statement, the writer of 'Murray's…
Slide 7 - The village of Howsham consists of one long street, with houses on one side only, the other side being bounded by Howsham Park. In this village stands the house (shown in the picture) in which George Hudson the 'Railway King' was born.
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