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Top Withins, supposed situation of Wuthering Heights, empty since 1926. the ruins were capped with concrete in 1983 to prevent further deterioration.
Walsden Print Works Newest Part 2003
Walsden Print Works, a view of the side of the printing works.
Nutclough Mill in the foreground, Yorkshire Water Board excavations behind Dodnaze estate, and the Birchcliffe Centre to the right of the centre of the picture.
The landmark tower in the town was built by the wealthy local industrialist John Wainhouse. allegedly to be able to look into his neighbours garden. The tower is open to the public on Bank Holidays and the views from the top of the tower are wide…
Pecket Monument on Smeakin Hill. Raygate?
Causey in Jockey Gate, Heptonstall to Haworth
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