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This view shows the railway viaduct that linked Halifax Station with North Bridge. Final closure came in 1974 and the viaduct was demolished in 1979. The large mill building on the left is now the site of Matalan.
This shows the view down Broad Street showing the Odeon Cinema (now a bingo hall) and the now demolished Bowling Alley.
Halifax Town Hall is just to left of centre.
This view would have been taken somewhere close to North Bridge and shows the power station and other industrial buildings in the bottom end of town. Very few of the buildilngs in this picture still survive.
This is a view up Broad Street. The then new bowling alley was later converted into a supermarket and has since been demolished. The bowling alley was opened in February 1964 by Coronation Street star Pat Phoenix who played Elsie Tanner. The large…
The then new Aachen Way, which was built to bypass King Cross. The industrial buidlings in the background have since been demolished and is now the site of Tescos car park.
This view is taken from the then new Aachen Way and shows the bottom of Queens Road and its junction with King Cross Street. 1970s.
The view down Winding Road. On the right is the site of the current bus station.
Winding Road was being rebuilt (to accomodate the new bus station?) at this time. On the right can be seen the start of construction on the multi-storey car park, with with the Industrial Museum beyond and the spire of Square Church.
This shows the construction of the multi storey car park off Charles Street.
This is the view of the top of Winding Road. The buildings in the immediate foreground are now the site of the bus station.
A view up Crossley Street from Northgate. Buses clearly used to stop here. The 512 service serves Mixenden to this day.
This buidling was on the junction of Cow Green and Pellon Lane. It was closed in 1968 and demolished in 1971. The road in the centre of the picture is the bottom of Gibbet Street. The area of town was also known as Swine Gate.
Possibly looking down Wade Street from Market Street, where it joined Northgate. probably early 1960s, prior to the whole area being demolished.
The Princes Arcade was a covered shopping area in the centre of Halifax. It was opened in 1931. It was closed in the late 1970s at the same time as the old Woolshops which were adjacent, prior to demolition. This is now the site of W H Smiths.
Crossley and Porter School History
The Crossley Heath school building owes its existence to the philanthropy of the Crossley brothers, Francis, John and Joseph. In 1857 they formulated a scheme for the establishment of a ‘superior College for the…
Congregationalists had held regular meetings in Halifax since at least 1763 and the Square Chapel, named after the area although it is also square in shape, was opened in 1772 at a cost of over £2,000. The chapel was first preached in on 24th May…
'West of Shanghai' is a 1937 film about a Chinese warlord, who holds a group of oilmen and missionaries hostage in a remote Chinese outpost.

'52nd Street' - 1937 film of how 52nd Street became New York City's "Nightclub Row" in the 1930s.
Four films on this week, Charlie Chaplin in The Pilgrim, an all start cast in The Old Oaken Bucket, Alma Rubens in Find the Woman, and Douglas Maclean in Bell Boy 13.
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