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Left to right: Wilson Watson; Frank Schofield, JMR (Mike) Watson; Enid Watson, Ted Schofield; Alice Schofield; Margaret Furber (Enid’s sister).
Seated: Edith Watson; Isobel Schofield (Enid’s mother)
Standing at the back, L to R: Ellis, 21 years; Alice, 26 years; Mary, 13 years; Arthur, 23 years. Seated: Ellen (Helen?), 25 years; Oldfield, 47 years; Mary Ann, 47 years; Wilson, 18 years. Seated at the front: Willie, 11 years; Lizzie, 9 years.
Bridesmaid on the left is Eileen Longbottom and on the right is Sheila Sunderland.
Gertrude Attwood's Auntie Edith hand Uncle Jack after their wedding at Cragg Vale Methodist Chapel in 1904. Used as an illustration in Gertrude's book "A Village Childhood"
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