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In the centre is Mrs Edwards who lived at Horsehold, on the far right is Mrs Holden.
Mrs Dorothy Thornber in her state of the art Kitchen.
Slide 9 - The fine display of pewter plates in the kitchen at Weston Hall is very interesting. Mr H Speight, in Upper Wharfedale says, 'On the edge of Weston Moor, to the east of Whin Castle, is the old forest lodge of Dog Park, a seventeenth Century…
Slide 10 - The oldest part of the hall is now the kitchen, which is dated 1673 and the initials HC are shown on one side of the fireplace. The initials stand for Hugh Currer, who was the builder of this portion of the hall at that date.

Slide 7 - The kitchen is most picturesque with its great fire-arch, its deeply recessed windows, its old fashioned furniture, and its well kept and well furnished dresser.
Slide 24 - And now we come to one of the most important apartments of the mansion - the Kitchen - the place from which all the creature comforts and sustenance required to supply the bodily wants of all the inmates of the establishment are daily sent…
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