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Title: The Choir of Slack Chapel, Heptonstall. - DEF00204

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The Choir of Slack Chapel, Heptonstall. - DEF00204


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Heptonstall Slack Baptist Chapel Choir c.1909, taken to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Choirmaster, William Greenwood, nickname William the Singer.

Bottom row from left: Sarah Pickles, unknown, Francis Greenwood who was killed in the First World War, Maggie Pickles nee Black who married one of her bosses, Hilda Greenwood (Greenwood was a very common name in Heptonstall Slack).

Second row from left: unknown, May Greenwood who was a Millworker, unknown, unknown, George Lister Sutcliffe who was an architect and lived in a big house, Francis Greenwood the choirmaster, E.G. Thomas the minister, unknown, Amy Gill nee Sutcliffe who was a millworker, unknown, Lilly Clay nee Sutcliffe also a millworker and sister to Amy, Rose Fielding a maid from Peterborough who married locally.

Third row from left: unknown, unknown, unknown, ? Greenwood, Marshall Gill, Ara Gill who was Marshall's son and who married Amy, they owned a mill, unknown, ? May, Evelyn Pickles grandson of William Greenwood and sister of Sarah, he was a manager of the firm of Greenwood and Pickles.

Back row from left: unknown, unknown, unknown, Harold Pickles brother of Sarah and Evelyn, John Greenwood Sutcliffe nicknamed Jack O'Hanna, mother's maiden name, he was the caretaker of the church and a gravedigger (though not necessarily at the time the photo was taken and he was the father of Amy and Lily .

The General Baptist Chapel at Slack Top opened in 1808 and was completely re-built in 1878. The building now functions as a community centre and self catering hostel but an evangelical group does still hold Sunday services in the centre.




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