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Showing the narrow entrance to Midgely Road. When Clough Mill, shown on the left, was demolished the road was widened.
The gable end of the Endowed School can be seen behind the building works for the new garden. Todmorden Town Hall is on the left.
Looking down from Hell hole Rocks on to the road going up Mytholm Steeps. The parish church of St James is in the foreground and with the sheltered housing of Mytholm Court to the left of it, and then Brown's engineering works.
The new Methodist Sunday School is in the process of being built with Salem Chapel to its left. The large building to the left is Melbourne Mill prior to its demolition (illegally, at 6 am on a Sunday morning without planning consent) to make way…
Market Street, Hebden Bridge. The former Ebenezer Chapel. Now a gallery and the Hebden Bridge Times no longer has a presence in the town! See it now. The following text is taken from Looking Back at Hebden Bridge by Frank Horsfall & Terry Wyke…
Salem Methodist Church is on the right long demolished and replaced with a smaller chapel and meeting room.
Picture taken before the Salem Methodist Church (left of centre) was demolished. The large building to the left is Melbourne Mill and just behind can be seen the former Neptune Inn.
Mytholm Hall had been demolished to make way for the apartments seen here, Hebden Bridge Parish Church of St James the Great is behind.
Mytholm Hall had been demolished to make way for the apartments seen here, Hebden Bridge Parish Church of St James the Great is behind.
Lower left Foster Mill with Hangingroyd Mill, Hebden Works and Nutclough Mill and Hebden Water in the centre. Top left the old Bircliffe Chapel with Birchcliffe Road/Wadsworth Lane climbing the hillside.
More or less in the centre the 'new' Birchcliffe Baptist Chapel in course of construction with the old Chapel above it to the left. Lower centre Nutclough Mill with part of Hangingroyd Mill and Hebden Works below.

Hebden Bridge's famous…
The former Ebenezer Chapel on Market Street, Hebden Bridge. The Latin inscription on the sun dial reads "What thou seekest is a shadow". The Hebden Bridge Times moved out many years ago to Crown Street and now no longer have an office in the town!
The upper floor of the chapel after its first conversion as a community space. Now the Birchcliffe Centre with upper floor totally re-structured following a Heritage Lottery grant. See
Heptonstall Slack Baptist Chapel Choir c.1909, taken to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Choirmaster, William Greenwood, nickname William the Singer.

Bottom row from left: Sarah Pickles, unknown, Francis Greenwood who was killed in the First…
Date unknown but after 1969 when the station warehouse was demolished following fire damage.
A Particular Baptists Chapel was established here in about 1750 and the present building dates from1859/60 and is Grade ii listed. It closed in 2001 and is now in the hands of the Historic Chapels Trust and is used for various events such as…
This picture was taken as part of Calder Civic Trust project, c1970, to draw attention to squalid places and litter detracting from attractions of the area, such as Heptonstall Church shown here. The aim was to bring it to wider attention and shame…
Taken in 1976 by a Manchester Polytechnic photographer as part of a research project on the area.
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