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Visitors to Hardcastle Crags walking past Lee Mill; demolished about 1970 but by then no longer used as acotton mill. Peckett Well War Memorial on the skyline. Postcard
ALC00415. Looking across to Nursery Nook and Spring Wood Terrace at the junction of Midgehole Road and Keighley Road with Hurst Road going off diagonally left. Early 20th century pre First World War.
ALC00406. View of the town and its mills c.1895. Behind Hope Baptist Chapel the large Co-Op Bulding and clock tower completed 1889 but looking left from it the Council Offices (1896) not yet built. Just visible lower right are railway wagons in theā€¦
View of the town centre c.1880 with Hope Baptist Chapel in the foreground. Centre left the large storeyed Foster Mill. Above the mill the chimneys of Lee Mill and Lower and upper Midgehole Mills. Climbing top centre right is Keighley Road
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